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Reminds Me of Childhood

Reminds Me of Childhood

Original Artwork

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Artwork is currently on display at Spote Lite Gallery in Detroit. This item will ship after the show is over. ETA for shipping is between 1/13/24 and 1/25/24

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Original Artwork Letter of Provenance by 1XRUN
Mixed Media on Canvas
24 in x 36 in

Reminds Me of Childhood by Sheefy. Mixed Media on Canvas. 24 x 36 Inches

This artwork is from Sheefys September - January solo exhibit at Spot Lite titled 'Pieces of Me'.

"In the midst of soul searching through art I've realized how much of yourself you have to sacrifice. Insecurities and inner thoughts for all to see. Every stroke on canvas is my paradise.Any piece I've made contains Pieces of Me." - Sheefy

A visual artist turned musician, Sheefy McFly uses the concept of creating visual art and applies those methods to developing music. His sound is bass driven and eerie sounding to reflect the impulses he feels while creating.

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