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Kiddie Soldier - Hand-Painted Multiple

Kiddie Soldier - Hand-Painted Multiple

Original Artwork

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Original Artwork Letter of Provenance by 1XRUN
Hand-Painted Stencil on Paper
19.63 in x 23.38 in

"Kiddie Soldier" delves into the contrast between innocence and the harsh realities of war. The coin inserted into the soldier's back serves as a metaphor for the financial machinery sustaining warfare, shedding light on the unsettling reality of governments allocating significant resources for activities resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

This piece aims to prompt contemplation on the ethical implications of war, urging viewers to question national priorities and resource allocation. It's a poignant commentary on societal choices contributing to a cycle of violence, encouraging reflection on the value placed on human life versus the pursuit of power and control.

Through stenciling, I invite engagement on a visceral level, fostering dialogue and awareness about the need for change in our collective approach to conflict resolution.

Hand-Painted Stencil on Paper by MAD. 50 x 70 cm. Edition of 10. 19.625 x 23.375 inch. This RUN comes signed & numbered by the artist and with a Letter of Provenance from 1XRUN.

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