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Mandlenkosi Mavengere



Fine Art Print

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This work may have slight wear and tear from being on display in a gallery.

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Original Artwork Letter of Provenance by 1XRUN
Etching on Fabriano Paper (UF)
39.06 in x 26.13 in

Fellowship by Mandlenkosi Mavengere. Etching on Fabriano Paper (UF). 39.062 x 26.125 inches.

"I migrated to Johannesburg South Africa to live in a multicultural city & country at large. Upon developing my concept further in 2017, resorted to observe the stereotype that be-falls me and my fellow migrants who migrated to foreign lands. Being a Zimbabwean living in Johannesburg South Africa I couldn’t overlook the prejudice of my country’s economic demise. I embraced it started making artworks that would show issues around Economic migration. 

I make my fictitious currency parodying symbols to build a narrative of recreate I stimulate dialogue on migration topics and its social economic politics. These etching prints of migration are scenarios layered over recreated banknotes. The scenes show the ambition of individuals despite the hardships they face. My work is shows how economy plays a role in the ordinary masses of citizens till they place their dreams and future to be elsewhere in the big cities and in the diaspora. The banknote patterns show the devised systems that people navigate to earn their livelihood.

Some of These artworks show the broken resources that drive many to seek out greener pastures. More-so, the artworks are double prints showing how those who left their homes seeking better life usually live dual lives of settling in the new homeland while also they earn to send support up-keep back home." - Mandlenkosi Mavengere

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