Los Angeles, CA

"If I had to choose one artist to epitomize the heart and soul of the City of Los Angeles it would be Zes. His work thrives on the pulse and energy of this spread out landscape.

Zes has a deep obsession with architecture and the storied history of this city that continues to inform and evolve his work. His photography is his unique perspective, usually perched many perched many stories above looking down with a birdseye view of the city that many will never see. Zes’ photographs are superhuman snapshots of what he observes while climbing and exploring the extreme perspectives of normally inaccessible rooftops.

An artist of this caliber can only be forged as a result of surviving and conquering this urban arena. Zeser has spent his entire life thriving under these extreme conditions. Painting at the forefront of the graffiti movement his position as a trendsetter has morphed Zes into a humble soldier.

To me Zes represents all or nothing. The fact that he is willing to share his experiences is a rare privilege and a true look into what living in an occupied force looks like. The photographs in this book provide an in-depth look at a seasoned street practitioner’s journey of exploring and creating solely for himself." - Saber MSK/AWR writes in Obscure featuring the photography of Zes.

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