Yonus Degel - Catching Feelings With My 3rd Eye Open
'First and foremost I strive for originality. There are two reasons I don’t look at other artists' work, to be unique and be directed by my own processes, not to be influenced by other artists.

I always seek knowledge through multiple facets and walks of existence and society. My art is a living format as I represent the experiences I have been through in the 31 years I have been blessed to walk this earth. I never planned to be an artist, but I naturally discovered painting as a gateway of exploration. I took what I learned from street graffiti and adopted it into mediums of Canvas and various forms of essentially psychedelic art. Sourounded by psychedelics, I was curious about the compositions and chemical makeup of each substance. I was also drawn to spirituality - the origins of masks and ancient African heritage, The “All Seeing” the “All Knowing” which can be seen through the eye in my work. I view “The Eye” as a gateway to the soul. I refuse to be a product of the system and what society wants me to be. I have broken the mold and wish to share it with the world.

I have done community work in Khayalitsha, through that work with the local kids in Kyhaletshia, teaching and helping the community children and future how to paint murals, The interaction alone really touched my heart and soul through sharing the knowledge and experiences I have gained, as it was taught to me all those years ago in primary/high-school for the betterment of said community on a macro and me-so level. I often ask myself, " Why do they not focus on creativity, art, dance, and music in the local school systems?” This I believe connects us to the spiritual realms and freedom that is lost in the mainstream, consumerism, TikTok, and cancel culture that surrounds our future generations in 2023. Hence I continually seek to explore, create, and learn from what is around me. In fact, I have found that I am a community leader naturally, I plan to lead with the right intention and purity which I feel as I create my work. This in fact uplifts the consciousnesses of my mind to share it with the world as I have mentioned my work is alive and lives through me in my everyday life, dealings, and interactions. I feel responsible for sharing and encouraging the apathetic youth through my mediums of art.' -Yonus Degel