Tony Clough
Los Angeles, CA
Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and living in Los Angeles California, Tony Clough is the owner of Serio Press Fine Art Editions which specializes in hand made original serigraph editions and fine art reproduction as serigraph editions. His personal work incorporates silkscreen, collage, acrylic painting and sanding.

A master printer Tony Clough has 6 years of experience working with artists to achieve the goal they have in mind. Artists Tony has worked with over the years include Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Blek le Rat, Gajin Fujita, Frank Romero, Retna, Saber, Revok, D*face, Anthony Lister, Know Hope, Mear One, Carlos Almaraz, Speedy Graphito, Becca, Germs, Andrew Foster, Ben Eine, Haze, John Van Hamersveld, Jim Morphesis, Mark Dean Veca, Sage Vaughn and many others.