Thokozani Mthiyane: The Masquerades + Earth Songs

Earth Songs

The series titled Earth Songs represents my own personal reflection on living and the ways of becoming. Investigating whether it is possible to be without space; witnessing and experiencing generations go through life in search of a place called home in the land of their birth. The question of birth versus land and a place called home is stifling it makes it hard to breathe it makes it hard to move.

Earth songs is about the soul and mind notes about the land and the unending for it, the disposition and the catastrophe that comes with. It is also a song (aka nkosisikelel' iAfrika) it is about the language of self-realization and preservation of memory and history, “to see eternity in the grain of sand.” (William Blake). It is about the complex desire to live with natural elements, free from subjugation which comes with being without.

Hence the question on belonging and safety, because without land and space life destabilizes. "Things fall apart and the centre cannot hold." (William Butler Yeats) this work represents my personal assertion inspired by the collective consciousness on why the land matters.

The Masquerades

My essence, my vessel, and my core ache for the dawn when pretence dissolves, and we embrace the symphony and verse woven into existence. Perhaps then, we'll cherish our existence and prize each breath bestowed upon us. These creations serve as mirrors to that state of being; a reinterpretation of sound through hues and textures.

This series emanates from a realm beyond representation, where spirituality intertwines with cultural vitality, encompassing all human endeavours. From figurative masks to soulful portraits, from the gestures of humanity echoed in music to abstract symbols, they encapsulate the essence of my identity as both an artist and an individual. It's a catharsis, blending pain and joy, echoing human
sighs into melodies where the hue turns to a certain shade of blue and other tones; it's a visual ode to the enigmatic depths of the self, sometimes even unknown to me as a painter.

The persistent apparitions of masks and masquerades swirling in my mind reflect not only the outer world but also the tumult within, a testament to the ongoing dialogue between my inner and outer realities.

Collection Drops May 21, 2024 @ 12pm (est)