Johannesburg, South Africa

Slegh is a graffiti and mixed media artist from South Africa. He draws inspiration from navigating the intricacies of South African life, psychedelic experiences, and from an appreciation of the creative expressions of countless amazing artists from around the world. In 2002 he was bitten by the graffiti bug and treated unsuccessfully in a Johannesburg hospital. He has learned to live with side effects which include Do-It-Yourself creativity, a sense of purpose, occasional adventures and some long-term friendships. In recent years he has shifted focus from painting letters to exploring public space with a character named Krinky Winky, a strange shape-shifting dolphin who emerged from lurking unnoticed in larval form the murky waters of his subconscious. Krinky slides onto walls, into nooks, crannies and other moist public spaces when no one is watching. Krinky has also crept into paintings, digital artworks, screennprints, embroidered pieces, beadwork sculptures, and even blotter art. A very slippery dolphin indeed.