Sheryo & The Yok
Brooklyn, New York / Singapore / Australia
Sheryo is an artist who paints imperfect gnarly characters that are calming to disoriented souls, and might cause skitter skatter explosions in the brain ...

Working collaboratively with The Yok, they have exhibited and painted in various parts of the world - Mexico, NY, Atlanta, LA, Miami, Africa, Belgium, London, Europe, Seoul, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Cambodia.

If the artwork produced by The Yok ever came to life, it would be a fantastic army of eccentric, moustached, bike riding Gargoyle-esque creatures who may or may not have connections with Australian bushrangers.

The character-based works of this Australian-born artist have been spotted on the streets of countries near and far as he�s been making his way around the world.

For some years now, the droopy eyes and twisted moustaches of Yoks black-lined characters have been staring aimlessly from Australian alleyways, zines and gallery walls.

A yearning to see and do more elsewhere saw him spend time and exhibit in places like Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and London, collaborating with local artists on their city walls.