Detroit, MI
Antonio "Shades" Agee has been a Detroiter since birth, not only that he has been an active artist and community member of the Cass Corridor. With a Father who was a Jazz musician, listening to acts from Nat "King" Cole to Frank Sinatra, Agee was exposed to the arts at a young age. He initially started painting the streets when "graffiti" was not even a house hold name, no where to be found in the city. Through the love of the art, Agee traveled around the country and world to learn and hone his skills, while learning to produce graffiti by commission and "legal" contracts. Starting from the early 1990's, "Shades" Agee created an extensive resume for himself leading up to the present day.

"Shades" has racked up a vast catalogue of impressive work by involving himself in custom murals for movies and canvases for the likes of Chrysler, Ford, and Universal Studios. "Shades" has two pieces showcased at the Detroit Institute of Arts and have exhibited at C-Pop Gallery, Motor Gallery, and others. "Shades" has a dedicated clientele that collects his works on almost anything he puts his hands on including: purses, dresses, dolls, etc. In addition, Ovation T.V. requested Agee to perform live demonstrations in a tour of three major cities. With a substantial background history in the "streets" and honorable up-bringing, "Shades" has established himself as one of the Original Graff artist in the city of Detroit!