Roger Steffens / The Family Acid
San Francisco, CA
The Family Acid is Roger, Mary, Kate, and Devon Steffens. They are based in Los Angeles.

Roger Steffens is a photographer, archivist, author, actor, editor, DJ and lecturer. He has been taking photographs since the early 1960s, documenting his unorthodox life and experiences. Recently his children, Devon and Kate, began scanning his slides and negatives and posting them to Instagram. The majority of these photographs haven't been seen by anyone outside of the family until now. There are approximately 40,000 Kodachrome slides and hundreds of thousands of black and white and color negatives. In early 2015, The Family Acid released their first book.

Kate Steffens is an editor, archivist, writer, and artist. She curates The Family Acid Instagram page and runs the photo archives.

Devon Steffens is a musician and artist. His latest album as Psychic Health was released in September 2017 on Time No Place Records.

Mary Steffens is the heart of The Family Acid, providing stories, memories, and inspiration.