Richie Madyira: Vasikana VechiManje Manje
'Vasikana VechiManje Manje' ('Modern Ladies')

1xRun is delighted to present a new solo collection by Richie Madyira entitled 'Vasikana VechiManje Manje' (Modern Ladies), translated from the Zimbabwean artist's mother tongue of Shona. The exhibition features medium format oil paintings and works on paper.

Within this body of work, Madyira celebrates Contemporary African Women, placing them as the central focus. Utilizing vibrant oil colors and bold brush strokes, he directs his gaze through a Contemporary African lens. Madyira's commitment to uplifting and empowering females is evident, and he continues to celebrate the youth of both Zimbabwe and South Africa through his vibrant paintings.

Curatorial Statement:

" The South African culture in which we live is one rooted in concepts of community, development, and the sharing of one's passion for culture. There is an inherently present characteristic of Africanism and Richie Madyira's work embodies this perspective in a positive way. Richie's work consistently embodies and celebrates the optimistic spirit of the community of Africa in his works, representing the bright and friendly nature of what Africa's people have to offer. " - Megan Theunissen