Mncedi Madolo - Nase Mhlabeni
South Africa
Nase Mhlabeni
"As in Heven so shall it be on earth"

Mncedi Madolo draws from print ads and magazine covers to satirize his attempts at selling fast solutions to complex problems. Mncedi’s s layered works are of mixed-media underscores which depict the impact of advertisements on South African identity and it’s physical urban landscapes.

"I utilize African mythology as a metaphor in my works, implementing African spirituality, customs, culture and contemporary life as a way of connecting to universality and globalization. The metaphysical landscapes is set as a space of new discovery, where characters engage in a spiritual journey. My subjects have unlimited power, they question their state of human existence in the 21st century. They embark as an assignment of evolution, discovery and progression." - Mncedi Madolo