Maximilian Wiedemann
New York, NY

Maximilian Wiedemann was born to an English Mother, and German Father, growing up in a home with such diverging personalities and cultures was a strong influence on Max in his youth. Max’s talent and passion for expressing his thoughts showed early signs of promise in his work as a graffiti artist. Max’s enthusiasm, energy, and need to express his thoughts found an outlet in many unconventional ways, mostly facilitated by a can of spray paint, and an inspirational location; nothing was too small or too large for Max’s art work.

As a young adult Max entered the corporate world of advertising, leaving behind his childhood passions, and choosing the professional world for its security, and the confines of adult responsibilities. Working in Advertising was an outlet for Max Wiedemann’s sharp intellect, and somewhat of a creative outlet, but most importantly, his 10 yrs in advertising left him with the knowledge that art is a powerful medium in which to communicate and advertise what’s relevant in our world. Through trial and error, many yrs of exploration, and research Max was able to design a unique technique which allowed him to use a combination of graffiti paint (street art) with modern day themes, iconic figures, and a traditional canvas to create something revolutionary, thought provoking, and relevant to all.

Maximilian Wiedemann is not a traditional artist, he’s not a graffiti artist, he’s not mainstream, or safe! Maximilian Wiedemann’s work, his passion, and his art are a mirror of society, a glimpse of what is taboo and thoughts that dare not be verbalized. This revolutionary artist moves us through dynamic images, and thought provoking phrases; he takes a leap of faith and chooses the path of passion and the unknown, rather than safety and conformity. What makes Maximilian Wiedemann’s work relative, and yet iconic is his ability to capture an era, a timeless moment, or a lost icon. Through his desire to innovate, his art is always pushing the boundaries of traditional painting, and through his passion to create we are witness to a talent that has yet to be reined in, or defined.