Mars - Freedom of Expression
Mars' meticulous stencil and mixed media paintings present specific iconographies and sub-texts specific to the South African landscape. Mars has had an ever evolving style over the past decade by having a rich career painting murals and branding for various corporate and commercial companies in South Africa. His artwork has been collected from clients from around the world.

Mars' career highlights include painting over 120 sites across South Africa for 'Street Fever' - a 2000's sneaker franchise popular in South Africa. Other highlights include painting for SAB (South African breweries), being selected as a panelist for The Sprite Hip Hop awards, and his most recent series of painting sculptures in collaboration with the infamous Anton Smit in Sandton, Johannesburg

Mars' 1XRUN solo debut titled Freedom of Expression, is a capsule collection featuring iconographies such as pigeons, megaphones utilized in city protests, sneakers, and skulls, all representing the basic iconographies of urban city centers in South Africa. Mars' spray can paintings featured in this series are his signature works.

"It's a pleasure to present one of the most renowned and hard working street artists in South Africa. Mars' layered works present intricacies that are most typically achievable by machine. His works portrays a glance of typical symbolic references known to South Africans. It's a pleasure to watch Mars evolve between large scale murals, canvases, sculpture and branding projects, and to make work that is meticulous and detailed in process."

-Curatorial Statement by Megan Kathleen Theunissen