Marina Simela
South Africa

Originally from Zimbabwe, born to a Ukrainian mom and a Zimbabwean dad, I found myself in liminal spaces. Free from any set national, racial or religious identity, I was able to create my own through my art.

My medium of choice is acrylic paint, it gives me the freedom to experiment with the brightest colors to give the viewer a peek at my perspective.

The themes I explore and the colors I use change with the time and the seasons. The current theme I'm exploring has been dubbed 'The Art of Symbolism.' An exploration of the subliminal messages found in dreams, religion, the esoteric, pop culture, the classical arts, hermeticism and everyday life. Each artwork created delves deeper and helps me understand the idea of symbolism.

The heaviest inspirations for my art are, the expansive world of tattooing, the nostalgia of childhood, the originality of streetart, the eccentricity of popart and the symbolism hidden in classical art similar to the 16th century prince of painters, Rubens.

When I'm not painting, my time is devoted to immersing myself in books, gardening for the pleasure of watching my plants grow and further expressing myself through dance.

As a self admitted part hermit, part new artist, I only have one group exhibition under my belt. But as I create art, I look forward to many more.