Manuel Acevedo
Newark, New Jersey
Manuel Acevedo (b. Newark, NJ, 1964) is a Bronx-based multidisciplinary artist. Acevedo began his career as a street photographer in Newark. Over time, he broadened his media to develop a distinctive style that combines photo-based projected imagery, wall drawing, animation and text. Through these means, Acevedo amplifies the subtle nuances of the lived urban experience and landscape. His work, including installations, public art projects, and proposals for utopian projects, intermingles contested histories of specific areas while addressing issues of gentrification, immigration, and ever shifting boundaries of space.

Acevedo is currently working to archive negatives, prints and journals for his WARDS of NEWARK photo series (early to late 1980’s documentation) and self-published book. In conjunction with raising a family in the Bronx, he anticipates returning to critical public engagement through teaching, as well constructing socially relevant, text-based visuals and architectonic models for large-scale interactive spaces. His work is built on thirty-five years of practice inspired by the richness and complexity of urban experiences and city lore.