Lucas Geor: Snapshot Studies

"In August of this year my wife and I moved back to NYC from Melbourne, Australia. We are originally from Sydney, however we lived in Brooklyn from 2015-2019 and planned to be back in the city in 2020, however, we were grounded for a couple of years because of the virus. We had a one week stopover in Los Angeles, staying with friends before flying up to NY.

I documented the trip by taking snapshots of scenes that I found interesting or inspiring and then singling out an image from that scene to draw in my sketchbook. Sometimes I was interested by the way the light was captured in the image and sometimes I was just
interested in the shape of things. For example the painting “dynamite” was actually a
snapshot of an empty “Miller” can I saw in the grass outside of a bar in Silverlake in East LA.

From these sketches I have created this series of 10 acrylic paintings on paper, that I am excited to not only share, but to also further develop into ideas for larger works on canvas and on walls. The paintings were created in various makeshift studios in friends houses we stayed in along the way, spaces including a desk in another friend's studio, kitchens(specifically by the sink), dining tables and a corner in the laundry." - Lucas Geor