Lindy Marshew Shewbridge
Detroit, MI
With familiar floral or organic forms, Lindy Marshew Shewbridge designs patterns and paints dimensional Optical Art scapes. These forms include hard lines of which seem to shift with movement creating depth and wonder. Marshew uses color to play with the movement of the forms within the scapes as well. It is a world within another world, and Marshew creates one reality that evolves and spills into our everyday reality transporting an audience to a new realm. The work is often meant to challenge the viewers to question what they see the forms as while enjoying the colorful values and playful elements of the painting. Questioning the work expands a dialog between Marshew and the viewer. And is also meant to encourage others to defy convention and to be critical of the vivid designs.

Although primarily self-taught Marshew is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from College for Creative Studies with a high interest in Art History. And has received her masters degree in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Marshew is known for her wealth of wisdom on materials, a well fed prolific attitude and painting entire structures. She paints full-time in her studio in Hamtramck, Michigan. So far, her most known murals are located at Brooklyn Street Local and in Eastern Market from her participation in Murals in the Market. Marshew has shown in exhibitions at MOCAD; Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Public Pool, and Cranbrook Art Museum. And is also an alumni of Red Bull House of Art studio residency in Eastern Market Detroit, cycle four.

Currently, Marshew is an art instructor at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center where she teaches a high school painting class solely focused on the theory of color. And developing new bodies of work for a group show scheduled for early summer 2024 in Chicago, Illinois, a collective exhibition in San Francisco also scheduled for 2024, and commission based work for collectors.

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