LeCrue Eyebrows
Queens, New York
The art of LeCrue Eyebrows, established in 2014, he focuses on the free form motion and sporadic thought as a creative process. Escape into his world where art is created viscerally. LeCrue lives and works in Queens, New York.

LeCrue’s art starts spontaneously and through each line’s twists and turns onto the canvas, he brings the viewer along on his artistic journey. His art is an illustrated story that has a different surprise ending every time. His work is so singularly unique, never to be duplicated.

LeCrue uses acrylic paint on canvas and multiple tools for street art, to create surreal, profound, and playful structures that develop thoughtful, two-dimensional tales filled with depth and mystery. 

Art is a significant form of communication for LeCrue Eyebrows. When he puts his work on display, it’s like posting a page of his journal for the whole world to see. Art is not just therapy for him, but it’s like a vital organ. He looks forward to exploring new opportunities and ways to expose his artwork and collaborating and helping out his fellow artists along the way as well.