Justin Russo
New York, NY
Justin Russo is a multitalented visual artist trained and skilled in many media. But his real genius lies in his use of line and negative space, of simplicity and restraint. His pencil and ink drawings are his passion — he says, “obsession” — and form the centerpiece of his vast and impressive body of work. Justin has also been creating murals, most recently as 1/50 artists to have my own mural for World Pride in 2019. The New York Times also featured the project. Several articles have also been written on the artist's satirical works that blend politics, pinups, and now the COVID outbreak.

Justin's work is cinematic and mostly focuses on silver screen goddesses and queer culture. In essence, Justin's work re-examines history through a queer lens and act as preservations for the past. Russo’s subjects speak of his passion for classic cinema and the era of the silver screen. In essence, Justin’s aim is to ensure the legacy of the queerness and ideals of Pre-War and WWII salons.

Justin has also found success in broadcast entertainment — as a cast member of Logo’s series, Fire Island and host/star of an upcoming series on LGBT travel. Overall, Justin's work has a strong sense of empathy. He is an astute observer of the world, and his world is anything but provincial.