Juliet Mihloti
Limpopo, South Africa
My name is Juliet Mhlari, I’m a multidisciplinary creative who grew up in a town called Tzaneen in Limpopo. I was raised by two parents who love art and nature. As a child, I was constantly surrounded by animals which has an influence on my current artworks.

At the age of 13, I was already interested and exposed to art, photography, fashion, and design. I also started creating artwork with my dad whose also an artist.
Later I moved to Gauteng, Pretoria Where I studied finance and graduated from Tshwane university of Technology (TUT). My mother (late) encouraged me to pursue art as a career after I struggled in the corporate sector.

My art career started picking up. My work got recognized by a brand that employed me to customize sneakers for big cooperates, within that period I also got to design my own sneaker which was mass-produced and sold in 33 stores. More brands like Converse, Levi’s, etc Started to recognize my works, allowing me to work with them and broadened my portfolio.

My works focus more on mindfulness which is something I struggled with for the longest time. Ducks are my main characters because of how bubbly they are which is part of my personality. My main mediums include painting using Acrylic,Fabric, threads, watercolor, and fabric paint. My works are connected to Surrealism history.

Growing up as a child different types of animals surrounded me and ducks were one of them. I chose the ducks as my main characters because they are great in one of the aspects I struggled with for the longest time which Is mindfulness, ducks are emotional stable /intelligent, bubbly, and intuitive, which is a reflection of who I am, as again I paint using my intuition. Jewelry shown on ducks are some of the things I used to love as a child, this helps me connect back to my childhood and constantly keep me creative.