India Solomon
Detroit, MI
India Solomon is a Detroit-based, abstract visual artist with roots on the city’s Westside, and family across the globe. India paints as a means of wayfinding, releasing, and channeling a more grounded version of the present. Growing up, paintbrushes and half-finished paint tins were a staple in her mother's DIY household, and Saturdays at Grandma's house were spent gluing rhinestones onto homemade jewelry and manifesting high-fashion out of JoAnn’s fabric scraps. India’s life has always been deeply relational, and it shows in her work that she has had the privilege of learning love in many different forms. In her womanhood, India allows her creative thread to move subconsciously, channeling home, intuition, and movement into paintings that are what you need them to be. India’s current art practice spans original paintings, mid-scale murals, thoughtful garments, and home goods.