Freehand Profit
Los Angeles, CA
Gary Lockwood, better known as Freehand Profit, is an LA based artist who has examined issues of identity and materialism since 2010 through the creation of more than 200 one of a kind masks. These masks, often gas masks and usually crafted from iconic sneakers, reflect a balance of the celebratory aspects of our humanity & culture with the awareness that we are a world at war, plagued by injustice, oppression and environmental destruction.

Masks as a focus have allowed Freehand Profit to explore a wide variety of ideas and stories, from the conservation of endangered species to processing grief and difficult emotions. Masks give us the ability to both conceal our identity and show our true selves. They are fashion, they are symbolic, they protect and fascinate.

The process of dissecting, twisting and transforming sneakers was inspired by Hip-Hop; how DJs and producers scratch and sample records, the way graffiti artists twist alphabets, the B-boy spins and the stories eMCees told. Freehand Profit's work combines his talents across multiple mediums through sculpture, photography, design, painting, illustration and more. His art has been featured in global and local campaigns for brands like Nike, adidas, Puma, and Cadillac, with collectors around the world like Kevin Durant, Everlast & PJ Tucker.

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