Freddy Diaz
Detroit, MI
Freddy Diaz is an artist born in Detroit and raised on the South West side of the city. He has been hired for custom airbrushing at corporate events, children's parties and painting graffiti murals, throughout Detroit and across the world. Growing up he was brought into art through graffiti and his biggest influences on art have been trains.

Now Freddy studies at College for Creative Studies (CCS) and has traveled to Europe to paint graffiti. He also was a part of an exhibit at the Biennale in Venice Italy this past summer. He has mentors in GM and has also worked with companies such as Coors/Miller, DTE, Google, Aisin, State Farm and Ideal. His purpose not only as an artist but as a person is to be the example of someone who “made it” to be the push that he was once given. “ I have overcome my obstacles because I’ve never failed to try.”