Phil Simpson - Face It
Phil Simpson has been asking the world to smile more since 2012.

The Detroit-based artist and public speaker has painted more than a dozen murals for Murals in The Market, Quicken Loans, ACLU, and the City of Detroit, and he's commissioned artwork for some the world's best-known brands.

Simpson paints brightly colored smiling faces meant to spread positivity and kindness. At the center of his work is a yin and yang, representing the duality of lightness and darkness. A lowercase ‘i’ can be found in the whites of the eyes. For the artist, the appetizing titles add to the joy he seeks to spread.

Each print is a 6-color silkscreen available in vibrant Standard and Holographic variants. Simpson's print release coincides with his debut solo exhibition, which is on view now at Spot Lite Detroit. Collect Simpson's Smile Medley in all four colors before they're gone!