New York, NY
ESSAM is a New York based artist, born in New York and raised in Maine. He joined the US Army in 2003 where he served three years as a geospatial analyst. In 2006 ESSAM enrolled in the School of Visual Arts where he received a BFA in Photography. It was the military that informed his work as an artist were he now seeks to create conversations on both social and political issues. Over time ESSAM’s work became more experimental until in early 2012 he began working in the streets of New York. Over a 9-month period working stealthily by night he created his most notable work. ESSAM’s Drone campaign received national media attention and is largely responsible for raising awareness and bringing the dialogue on foreign and domestic UAV use to its current level. In November of 2012 ESSAM was arrested in his home by the NYPD for his artistic work on drones, his case is currently pending.​