David Chung
Los Angeles, CA
David “The Chung!!” Chung’s relatable body of work revolves around the recognition and acceptance of ourselves and our complex human emotions. Occasionally placed in unfortunate and/or awkward scenarios, The Chung!!’s colorful and expressive menagerie of characters are a study of his own personal day to day life. Packed with humor and heart, his work helps remind us to stop taking life so seriously and take a moment to step back and laugh at what is essentially ourselves.

Although born in Albany, New York, David spent the majority of his early childhood in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The remainder of his youth was spent in Upstate New York where he graduated from high school. After attending the University at Buffalo for 2 years, he eventually transferred and graduated from the College for Creative Studies (Detroit, MI) as an illustration major in 2006. Currently residing in Los Angeles with his wife and dog, David’s work has been featured in galleries around the world. During the day, when he isn’t painting or working on designer toys, David works in the animation industry as a designer. He has worked on shows such as “Futurama”, “Robot and Monster”, "Clarence", "Regular Show" and “Sanjay and Craig.”