Danny Hastings
New York, New York
It was a bold move to say the least. Intricately packing up a few essential belongings, leaving behind friends and family, and transporting yourself to another part of the globe may seem crazy, but not when destiny is calling. Armed with only a 35mm SLR film photography camera, this young Panamanian-Mexican arrived in the concrete jungles of NYC and began to lay the groundwork for photography and cinematography genius.

After shooting over 150 album covers and directing over 40 music videos, this visionary took himself and his novel organization to the next echelon. Hastings has shot and designed an unprecedented number of album covers for some of the biggest names in the music industry, and worked alongside artists as diverse as P. Diddy, Taylor Momsen, Marc Anthony, Jodeci, Wu-Tang, Eminem, KRS One, Jay-Z, Tribe Called Quest and Jeru tha Damaja to name a few. Utilizing his rolodex and personal expertise of cinematography (studied at NYU), the young sage began directing music videos, commercial, short films and feature films soon after.