Philadelphia, PA

Brian Bowens aka bbsketch, is a leading Illustrator and Designer who has built his reputation on an authentic love for sports and a brilliant eye. His visual approach is energetic, emotional, and dynamic. He brings athletes and stories to life through a recognizable style that builds on existing connections fans and enthusiasts have with their favorite athletes. He is sought after by many leagues, sports teams, brands and players and is able to apply his artistic gifting to any arena.

He has created huge custom canvas pieces, illustrated comic and children’s books, mesmerized with murals, captured likenesses via live caricature art, customized sneakers, visually helped businesses and other creatives build their brand - and the list goes on. He’s reimagined how we view art through his YouTube channel. Working with people to bring their visions to life is what he does best and is why he is in constant demand.

With over 10 years of experience in various aspects of Creative Direction, he is always willing and able to conquer any clients’ challenges and create their wildest dreams.

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