BakPak Durden
Detroit, MI
Bakpak Durden is an interdisciplinary, fine artist with a primary focus on the figure. Using a range of mediums including oil and acrylic paint, graphite and fine art photography, and with a hyperrealistic, conceptual style, their detailed, emotionally engaging subjects shine a spotlight on human feelings and moods.

Bakpak’s work has been featured in gallery shows at The Schvitz, The Bottom Line, Cass Cafe, Our/Detroit, and Junction Hall Gallery.

Bakpak’s most recent undertakings have been as a contributing muralist for the city of Detroit’s “City Walls” project (curated by Sydney G. James with the support of 1XRUN) and as a production manager and contributing artist in VIRAGO (in collaboration with artist and curator Cyrah Dardas.)

They can be seen as a participating artist in the upcoming Blight Abatement Artist Residency Program curated by 1XRun and CityWalls. As well as an upcoming July exhibition at KO Gallery in Hamtramck.