Anthony Lee
Detroit, MI
Anthony Lee, is a painter and illustrator who came to Detroit after growing up in the suburbs surrounding the city. He moved after graduation, attracted to the people, their soul and the liveliness of the city. Anthony, who was included in the Cycle 8 show at the Redbull House of Art, produces illustrative paintings depicting a post apocalyptic world populated by a variety of different robots searching for a new way of life. The work’s sense of loss and abandoned industrial imagery echoes the feeling of parts of the city, as does the sense of new hope and self-determination in finding solutions. When asked what he liked about the city, and why he is invested Anthony said without pause, “Many artists understand each other, because we all know we can’t really get far without one another,” after a moment adding, “If you can make it here, it not only says something about you as an artist, but you are also giving back to the same water you drink from.”