Belfast, Ireland
Anarkitty aka Emma Geary is a 36 year old Artist hailing from a small village just outside Belfast.

"I graduated from The University of Ulster with a Ba Hons degree in Art and Design. The name Anarkitty was born during the six years I lived in London when I as a Web Designer and as a sideline I started to create digital based character illustrations. Returning to Northern Ireland I started to move my characters onto canvas. In 2008 I was given my first solo show and I have been painting ever since.

 A prevalent theme running through my pieces stems from my fascination with Cats! Inspired by their idiosyncratic ways, my “Ladies” have the same arcane attitude encased in a provocative and curious beauty. I want them to be comfortable within their own bodies; know their own mind; to have no feeling of restraint from surrounding judgments. Like cats, they have their own complete and individual personality with which they have a total sense of ease." Anarkitty said.

Her influences and inspirations come from Pinup girls, manga, tattoo, graffiti and toy cultures. In general things like, Eyes, Pinup Girls, Manga/Anime, Cartoons, Tattoos and of course cats.

"I have had many Artist that have inspired me, all at different times. When I was a kid I loved Allen Lee, Brian Fraud, Kay Neelson ect. When I was in London I was really inspired by allot of Graffiti artist – The London Police, Flying Fortress, Dalek, I could go on. Miss Van and Faffis work really inspired me to start painting again. Currently I love artist such as , Tatiana suarez, Jaw Cooper, Casey Weldon and Tom Bagshaw, once again to name but a few." Anarkitty said.