Adam Fujita
Brooklyn, NY
Adam Fujita is a Product Designer and artist living and working in Brooklyn New York. He holds an MFA in Product Design from the Products of Design department at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. As a product designer he is constantly investigating the role that products and services play in our personal and public lives. And they value of use these products hold to effect change and to solve problems.

Adams recent neon style work has been an exploration of protest and resistance through the use of the medium of street art and the internet. As a response to the election results of 2016 in the US Adam has been using the neon as a metaphor for "keeping the lights on " this volatile and dangerous Trump administration. Not willing to let them operate behind the shadows of Washington DC."  Adam has been making political statements and protests with his neon street art and graffiti most of his adult life. He has addressed gender issues, police violence, women's rights, corporate greed, nativism and more with his neon style street art. Adam has a 25 year history writing graffiti starting in San Francisco in the early 1990s and has been working and living in NYC since 2001.