Whigg: Not For Sale - A Millinery Study by Kwaku Osei-Bonsu
In the dynamic world of contemporary art, Kwaku Osei-Bonsu seamlessly merges tradition and innovation. Renowned for his groundbreaking millinery practice, Kwaku transcends conventions, weaving narratives rich in cultural depth and spirituality. Kwaku Osei-Bonsu's exhibition, "Not For Sale," serves as a vibrant tapestry that challenges the commodification of cultural narratives In the profound exploration of Black success and contribution. Each piece within this collection acts as a brushstroke in the narrative of resistance, inviting viewers to delve into the inherent cultural value that transcends the confines of commercial transactions. The figures are posed as statues, not to be touched, altered or owned by anything/one outside of themselves. Artfully, Kwaku observes a discomfort tied to the admiration of creations and contributions by Black individuals, contrasting with a deficiency of appreciation for the Black bodies behind those creations.

Osei-Bonsu's intricate WHIGGs—headpieces inspired by Western African masks and Black hair—become tangible vessels, carrying stories of identity, resilience, and the rich tapestry of cultural expression. As the visionary behind Detroit Black Restaurant Week and EastEats, his commitment to community building extends beyond culinary experiences into the realm of visual storytelling.

"Not For Sale" becomes an affirmation—an ode to unwavering cultural value that remains steadfastly unbound by the limitations of commercial transactions.

Whigg: Not For Sale - A Millinery Study by Kwaku Osei-Bonsu is on display at Spotlite Detroit from 1/26/24 - 3/30/24