Richie Madyira
Cape Town, South Africa
'My name is Richie Madyira, a Contemporary Artist working in Cape Town South Africa. I am originally from Harare, Zimbabwe. The subjects in my paintings focus on the lives of people who have migrated from around Africa to seek a better life, such as the people of Zimbabwe commonly do. My work focuses on the joy, happiness, and youth culture of young Africans. My works can be viewed as celebratory, showing how happiness and joy can be overcome hardships. I want viewers to be encouraged by my work to seek better pastures and to seek the better life we all wish for. My works are an honest, optimistic view of the people of Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the rest of the Continent. Migration today is a global issue and I would like to remind these individuals that their journey is noticed, and important to document. My work can act as a conductor between different cultural groups and I hope to extend on these narratives. I hope that others who might view my work and practice can connect to Africa as well as the people I am representing.' - Richie Mayira