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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Nov 9 - Fri, Nov 9
RUN #00062
Brett Amory - Waiting 73
Brett Amory
Waiting 73
Edition Size:   40
12x16 Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper
This Run is Sold Out
For nearly ten years, Brett Amory has been engaged in a series of works called WAITING - paintings that touch upon the urban dweller's quiet and often unnoticed hunger for "place" in environments that are generally indifferent to such aspirations of the soul. The pieces (such as the one here) have a meditative quality and a muted sense of pathos. The subjects are invariably commuters on their way to or on their way back from some station down the line; travelers who are physically moved on a regular basis, but seldom feel emotionally moved by their day-to-day experiences. The gentleman before us (whose form and visage seem perilously close to being enveloped by the surrounding darkness) is a poignant reflection of what we've all felt at one time or another. YOU may be feeling it at this very moment.

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About the Artist

Location: Oakland, CA

Born in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1975, Brett Amory is descended from a long line of visual artists and musicians. He studied at the Academy of Art from which he received a BFA in Fine Art in 2005 and was recipient of two major awards given by the school: The Student Choice Award for 2004 and Second Prize in landscape painting for 2003. He is the recipient of a gold medal from Online Artists Interviews, an international juried art competition (2009). He graduated from the Academy of Arts in 2005. Brett began working on the painting series entitled “Waiting” in 2001. The series depicts the urban individual’s yearning for presence and the seeming impossibility of attaining it. The paintings portray commuters in transit immersed in either a quiet, even hopeful state or, alternately, an anguish of unfulfilled anticipation.

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