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This Run is Sold Out
Tue, Oct 4 - Tue, Oct 11
RUN #00103
Zeb Love - Vonnegut
Zeb Love
Edition Size:   13
16 x 20 Hand Painted / Silkscreened on 140lb. Watercolor Paper
This Run is Sold Out
"Kurt Vonnegut is an author that I've always heard so much about, but never gave him a chance. Eventually I bought a copy of Slaughterhouse Five, and I couldn't put it down. Since then, I've bought almost every one of his books. I think my favorite story of his is "Breakfast Of Champions".

I really like painting all the colors I use instead of screen printing them. What I like about doing my prints this way is that they aren't clean or perfect. They are messy and have lots of time and work into each one.

When I first started getting into art, I came across some work by Gustave Dore. Seeing just one of his illustrations made me want to research him and see all of his work. His work has been very influential in my prints." - Zeb

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About the Artist

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Zeb Love grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Pennsylvania. He has been drawing, taking pictures, and designing for the past six years. When he not creating art prints, he is designing album artwork, working with venue promoters, and designing t-shirts. When Zeb is not working on art related things, he likes to read, ride his bike, and explore.

I've been working full time freelance for the past eight years in merchandise design, album packaging, and logo design. I've been teaching myself screen printing for the past four years, and have been working with musicians to create limited edition gig posters for their shows.

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