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This Run is Sold Out
Thu, Nov 1 - Mon, Nov 5
RUN #00100
Dan Kitchener - Tokyo Neon
Dan Kitchener
Tokyo Neon
Edition Size:   50
17x18 inches Hand Embellished Giclee on 330gsm Archival Paper
This Run is Sold Out
Back for a second release on 1xRUN. This print of a classic Geisha painted by Dan in 2011. This print will be hand embellished making each print unique.

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Dan Kitchener – Tokyo Neon

Dan Kitchener specializes in street art, murals, prints and illustrations among most other mediums. His artwork was featured on Paul McCartney’s 2011 tour, the PS3 game “Bodycount” and on a tv spot for Jay-Z’s The Blueprint III. He was also nominated for Urban Artist of the Year on the Banksy Forum. Here at 1xRUN we’re pleased to offer Tokyo Neon, the second print of Dan we’re happy to present (in August we featured The Dark

Dan is fairly prolific when it comes to churning out mindblowing art. Peruse it all on the photo wall below by clicking the diagonal arrows for a full screen immersive view.


About the Artist

Location: London

Dan Kitchener is a British artist, designer, and illustrator. Dan has worked on numerous corporate gigs including peeps like Jay Z, Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, etc, etc, and has created many an epic mural during art battles. Check out his website for an extensive portfolio.

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