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This Run is Sold Out
Wed, Jan 18 - Wed, Jan 25
RUN #00147b
Zeb Love - The Twilight Zone - Variant Edition
Zeb Love
The Twilight Zone - Variant Edition
Part of The Twilight Zone   View Entire Series
Edition Size:   10
20 x 15.5 Hand painted acrylic silkscreen
This Run is Sold Out
Hand painted acrylic silkscreen on 140lb watercolor paper

See the Regular edition *which Glows in the dark* here.

Check out a process video of Zeb working on these prints here.

"When I was younger, my friend and I pulled our money together and bought the The Twilight Zone box sets. We would have extensive marathons until eventually we watched all 156 episodes. Rod had a very unique way with words that always hooked the viewer instantly with the opening monologue. With each episode I was taken on a trip to a not so distant land, and my imagination was opened to phenomenal happenings. " - Zeb Love

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About the Artist

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Zeb Love grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Pennsylvania. He has been drawing, taking pictures, and designing for the past six years. When he not creating art prints, he is designing album artwork, working with venue promoters, and designing t-shirts. When Zeb is not working on art related things, he likes to read, ride his bike, and explore.

I've been working full time freelance for the past eight years in merchandise design, album packaging, and logo design. I've been teaching myself screen printing for the past four years, and have been working with musicians to create limited edition gig posters for their shows.

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