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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Jan 25 - Fri, Feb 1
RUN #00127
John Dunivant - The Devil
John Dunivant
The Devil
Edition Size:   100
17 x 13.5 Screen print & archival pigment print on 230 gsm paper
This Run is Sold Out
Grown out of his love of roadside attractions, odditoriums, mystery spots and the like, Dunivant is driven to recapture the childhood wonder and danger he felt each summer in the musty corners of those shabby, cinderblock buildings that stand just off of the beaten path. It is that same atmosphere that Dunivant cultivates with his 4-part tarot card prints The Devil, The Clown, The Twins and The Fool featured here on 1xRUN.

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About the Artist

Location: Detroit, Mi

John Dunivant is a painter and multimedia artist working out of Detroit, Michigan. His largest artistic accomplishment—Theatre Bizarre—violated an untold number of laws and gave attendants an immersive Halloween masquerade experience that was unrivaled before being shut down by the city in 2010. He is also one of 12 Kresge Art Fellows in 2011.

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