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This Run is Sold Out
Wed, Jul 10 - Sat, Aug 10
RUN #00511q
Vaughn Bode - Lizard of Oz Poster
Vaughn Bode
Lizard of Oz Poster
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Available Until August 10th at 3pm!:   50
11 x 17 in. Poster
This Run is Sold Out
New from ToTT Global, this poster was created for the Vaughn Bode "Lizard of Oz" Jigsaw Puzzle. Limited edition signed by Mark Bode, Vaughn Bode's son.

Vaughn Bodé (July 22, 1941 - July 18, 1975), was an influential artist involved in and the inspiration to underground comics, graphic design, and graffiti. He is perhaps best-known for his comic strip character Cheech Wizard and artwork depicting voluptuous women. His works are noted for their psychedelic look and feel. He was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame for comics artists in 2006.

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Tott Global Summer Sale July 10th – August 10th

Troubled by the sterile nature of fine art, Tott Global founder Justin Kershon was never content to simply stare at a framed painting in a gallery, and has long sought to create a means by which viewers can interact with art. After receiving a Studio Arts degree from Humboldt State, followed by travels throughout the world, Kerson created TOTT as an answer to this dilemma that has long puzzled him. Kerson believes that everything is art. By blending classic games together with the artwork of the world’s top artists, he aims to allow people throughout the world to have a hand in watching their own pieces of art come to life. Whether its rolling snake eyes, getting a royal flush, or completing a puzzle, he invites everyone to create their own masterpiece.


1xRun Thru Interview
Tott Global Summer Sale by Justin Kershon

1xRun: Tell us a bit about the various pieces we have for the Tott Global Summer Sale…
Tott Global:  ToTT Global has some really cool products featured in this summer sale, like our clear (beer proof) Buff Monster Playing Cards, that go hand in hand with our Claw $ poker chips on game night!  Now that summer is here, and the kids are out of school our puzzles will have them around the table for hours giving you plenty of catch up time as a family together.

1xRun: What are some of your personal favorites here?
Tott Global:  I can’t say I have a favorite, I go through phases. Some weeks you’ll catch me rolling with our Mike Giant “Rollin High” dice in my pocket, ready to take a few bucks from the homies at any given time. Then I’ll switch it up, like on “skate day” cruzin the mission with our Benny Gold dice rolling straight 3’s! I do like Our new Camilla D’Errico Puzzle that was just released in June!


1xRun: How did the concept of Tott Global come about?
Tott Global:  It was started as a social experiment, stemming from my conceptual art. The idea was “would grass root games act as a catalyst in this fast moving tech world to bring people and community together, as my sculpted tea pot series had in the past.

1xRUN: How did the idea come about for doing all these tangible products like puzzles, dice and dominoes for these artists?
Tott Global: We collaborate with artists to design and produce a game or product that they enjoy, or are interested in that most suits them. Sometimes artists approach us about creating a game that they personally love, and played as kids. Like Benny Gold’s “Picture Me Rollin” 3’s dice game, and our Claw $ Poker Chips which were perfect for her, due to chips being the form of money in poker. We solidified the chips with our exclusive 1xrun print to go with the release at Kid Robot in NYC.


1xRun: Where else can people find Tott Global?
Tott Global:WebsiteFacebookTwitter & Instagram @TottGlobal

You can find us on the streets, disobeying the law! Check out our “The Detroit Project” video on E Baums World that we debuted at the NYC MOMA. Produced by myself and Ron English, “The Detroit Project” was created for the world to marvel at, and bring awareness to the unseen beauty in Detroit.


About the Artist

Location: New York

Vaughn Bode was born in Utica, New York on July 22, 1941. He began drawing at the age of five. He remembered himself as "an extremely introverted kid, completely unable to relate to the world around me...I started creating my own fantasy world populated with my own little creatures." On September 27, 1957 at 2:30 pm, he designed a unique little wizard who wore a huge hat and that became the infamous Cheech Wizard. The inspiration for the name came from a can of Cheechy Nuts. Incredibly prolific in a career that barely spanned two decades, Vaughn produced a phenomenal body of work. Among his publications are the self-published DAS KAMPF, which was one of the first underground comics in 1963. He was the editor of GOTHIC BLIMP WORKS the first weekly underground comic published by the EAST VILLAGE OTHER in the 1960's. DEADBONE was featured in GALAXY MAGAZINE from 1969-1971 and CHEECH WIZARD for NATIONAL LAMPOON MAGAZINE from 1971-1975. His JUNKWAFFLE comics 1-4 were published by Last Gasp 1971-1974. Vaughn is one of the most influential American cartoonists of our time. Much of graffiti art itself comes from the work of Vaughn Bode. Rendering his characters, lettering and cartoon semiotics is a rite of passage for graffiti art crews. Vaughn Bode's art was made popular by writers like Dondi, Seen, Tracy and Mare 139. Unrecognized by most in the fine art realm, the worlds and characters he created permeate our collective pop image bank like a classic visual rock & roll soundtrack for our times. Vaughn was the recipient in 1969 of a Hugo Award. In 1975 he received the Yellow Kid award in Lucca, Italy. Vaughn Bode died on July 18,1975 in San Francisco in a mystic experiment gone wrong.

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