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Tue, Jan 29 - Tue, Feb 12
RUN #00296a
Adam Batchelor - Gardenerism + Animals
Adam Batchelor
Gardenerism + Animals

Location: Suffolk, England

11 x 14 & 17 x 17 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper + Original Paintings

"The Gardenerism series is a collection of ongoing drawings, they are consumerist mandalas, they resemble the wheel of life for the western world. The objects that consume our lives from the day we are born are both sustaining and destructive, and as i have portrayed in pharmacopoeia (which literally means Drug-making), consumerism might have brought us our medicine and food to help our children grow, but it has also brought beer, liquor, whiskey, gin, a cornucopia of alcohol to consume, and a wheel of unhappiness, ever rotating.

They are also inspired by the dead butterfly and fly paintings by Damien Hirst, in addition to the Buddhist mandalas. The Gardenerism drawings are basically a critique on our dependency of consumerism. Each product, with it's profound purpose and meaning rotates around the new born baby, ready to begin it's life and it's relationship with these objects. " - Adam Batchelor

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