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Fri, Aug 28 - Mon, Aug 31
RUN #00098
Niark1 - Exorbitus
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Edition Size:   60
18 x 25 Inches 3-Color Screen Print on 140lb French Archival Paper
This Run is Sold Out
A lot of Niark's artwork features characters "based on my universe," as he says. They are a kind of "demon/ghost inspired by african/oceanian/asian primitive art, built with geometric shapes."

Artists, by a special dispensation from higher authorities, were permitted to populate the universe with gods long before strict rules and definitions were put in place. Not only populate, we hasten to add, but illustrate as well. Exorbitus, a canvas by Niark, is a modern-day example of this - and it is to his credit that the resulting canvas owes as much to past works by native or "primitive" painters as to contemporary masters influenced by post-modernism. Only vaguely anthropomorphic, what strikes the viewer is (for want of a better descriptive) the intense and impatient hunger in the features. Our friend desires (demands?) supplication, sacrifice, love, and all the other perks of his lofty position. He obviously wants attention - and with a talent such as Niark supplying the official portrait, how could he fail to get that?

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About the Artist

Location: Paris, France

Sebastien Feraut, aka Niark1 is a graphic designer, illustrator, and fine artist based in Paris, France.

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