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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Nov 9 - Fri, Nov 9
RUN #00063
Jason Limon - Ephemeral
Jason Limon
Edition Size:   30
20x30 Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper
This Run is Sold Out

Original Artwork Available

Please e-mail to inquire.
Acrylic on Panel 20" x 30" , Framed 21" x 31"

After our first sold-out release with Jason of his 20x30 inch "Blood Nector," we're following up with another large format, and very limited edition release of "Ephemeral."

“I am an observer of our world, silently scanning its elements and the beings who move among them. My mind absorbs and overflows with thoughts and emotions with no way to be revealed but through marks on a blank surface. There is a curious young soul within me that begs to show its existence. My mind drifts to far of places in hopes of returning with fragments of memories and dreams to share with others. I create so that I may speak. With every image released I step further away from the shadows of my past and into the bright lights of a happier place.” – Jason Limon

Jason is a master of his craft. As a modern surrealist painter, he invites his viewers into a piece of his world. Each artist tends to live in their own fantasies and false realities, especially when working on their craft. At this point, they are able find greater freedom and let their imaginations come to life on their limitless plane.  

Jason’s world is full of plants, animals, insects and beings that seem to be living in such a harmony that may not ever be achieved in our own reality today. "Ephemeral" is a perfect example of this harmony. Yet even in Jason’s world, death is still knocking at the back door…

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About the Artist

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Jason Limon is a painter who has exhibited his artwork in galleries across the U.S. and in parts of Europe. He has had recent solo exhibitions in New York City, Chicago and Albuquerque. His current art follows stories based on mythological creatures and paranormal cryptids portrayed with a hint of humor with a dose of strangeness. You can often see his characters brought to life in dimensional form through his complex sculptures. Jason lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two daughters.

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