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This Run is Sold Out
Tue, Apr 23 - Thu, May 2
RUN #00459f
Denial - Enjoy Denial
Enjoy Denial
Part of Denial Studio Exclusives - April 2013   View Entire Series
Original Available:   1
36 x 24 x 2 Inches Mixed Media Painting On Cradled Wood Box
This Run is Sold Out

This RUN contains 1 of Denial's hand-painted editions of 10.

DENIAL, or “D3N!@L” is a Canadian graffiti and mixed-media artist. His moniker is a phonetic mix-up representing his first name, and by definition, pokes fun at modern advertising, politics, and media messages that society is often “in denial” about. DENIAL is known for his prolific guerrilla-marketing campaign, which takes public aim at ideas involving social-justice, pop-culture, mass-media, and “New World Order” conspiracy theories. With over 500,000 of his adhesive logos displayed in public places around the world, the DENIAL PROJECT has become a conceptual piece of marketing absurdism. DENIAL intends to challenge traditional ideas about graffiti and public art, as well as the excessive corporate use of public space.

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This RUN comes signed by Denial with an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.

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Denial Loves 1xRUN!

Denial preparing for the solo exhibition at 323east

Denial prepping for solo show

denial event images1xRun_Denial_Superman_blog1xRun-Denial-Super-Saver_web-0011xRun: You and Ben Frost have been working a lot together lately, what have you both been up to?

Denial: Ben and I recently began working on a few more collaborative pieces for 1xRUN. Ben is currently in Australia and I have been buzzing around Los Angeles lately. We will also have a 2 man show in October 2013 in Detroit so we will be starting to work on those work in the summer.

1xRun: You two recently took a cross country trip to Los Angeles, give us the rundown on that?
Denial: Yeah that was rad, we drove out of Detroit across the US to Los Angeles. Like any road trip there were some really amazing moments and a few near disasters. All in all it was really really great. Got to do a few really great installations along the way. Broke an axle on the trailer, Ghetto J went to jail in the dessert, got stuck in Colorado on a mountain, all the normal things haha.denialroadtrip1Once we got there I did this commissioned mural inside this rad event space which was actually a massive greenhouse on the top floor of this building. It had a few walls that weren’t glass and I did a collage pasteup which I also painted over. We did a lot of pasteup collages around the arts district in LA too. I linked up with this dude Jaime who grew up in Los Angeles and he took me around East LA and showed me the “real “LA. It was a really awesome trip and I am now considering moving down there for a while. I am going back in April to paint a massive mural downtown 80ft x 30ft that Jaime found for me.denialroadtrip21xRun: How has it been working together, do you find you push each other creatively?
Denial: I think we met at a perfect time and we are definitely inspiring each other. You see, I tend to kind of plow through my creation process and Ben more or less spends a long time on creating his works. I feel that I am showing him some techniques that he can accomplish the same effects he is going for much quicker and he is showing me how to spend more time on the little details of a piece. It has been awesome working with Ben all together. Who the fuck do you think you are?!denialroadtrip3 denialroadtrip41xRun: What plans do you two have coming up for collaborative work?
Denial: Tentatively our next 1xRUN collab is called “Denylenol” to be released when Ben comes back to Canada in a month or so.

1xRun: Exciting, we are definitely looking forward to that, what else do you have going on?
Denial: I am currently curating a mural project in my home town of Windsor this summer. I got a huge grant from this foundation to commission 10-15 large scale murals. So stoked to start that, I just confirmed NYCHOS and BASK! So fucking epic! Some others tentatively participating are HIGH 5, XRAY, POSER, OMEN514, AYO, BEN FROST and myself. Any names out there who would like to participate hit me up though my website.

Also, I am finally allowed back in the USA!!! I am currently looking for galleries in the states to work with. I got to attend Basel for the first time which was fucking amazing!

1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Denial: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


About the Artist

Location: Canada

Daniel Bombardier a.k.a DENIAL is a Canadian stencil and mural artist whose work critiques consumerism and the human condition. Though based in Windsor Ontario, DENIAL spends much of the year travelling and exhibiting throughout Canada and USA, having done shows in Dubai, Australia, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2000 Daniel adopted the moniker 'DENIAL' as a means of poking fun at advertising, politics and media messages that contemporary society is often 'in denial' about. Since then he has maintained an ongoing global street-campaign of over 500, 000 stickers, placards and murals, using the alpha-numeric characters 'D3N!@L'. Intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurdism, DENIAL also challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through his bold and often satirical visual subversions.

In 2012 Daniel started 'Free 4 All Walls' which is the largest public art project of its kind in South West Ontario. Bringing artists from around the world to beautify and re-invigorate public walls around Windsor, the government funded program has been a huge success in supporting the local community and promoting the value of street-art in contemporary society. Invited artists who have painted murals include: Nychos (Austria), Bask (USA), Omen (Canada), Ben Frost (Australia), Nosego (USA), Persue (USA), Rime (USA), Above (USA), Elicser (Canada), High 5 (Canada), Nekoes (USA), Labrona (Canada), Gaia (USA), Kwest (Canada), Spud (Canada), Earthcrusher (Canada), Czr Prz (USA), Chou (Canada), Uber5000 (Canada) and XRAY (Canada). The project intends to continue well into 2014.

In 2012 Daniel and Ben Frost began working on a project called DENIALEX, a collaboration of styles and ideas. Aside from art works Frost and Bombardier recently delivered a nearly sold-out collaborative two man show entitled “Company of Thieves” at Inner State Gallery in Detroit October 2013 which was featured on several websites such as Juxtapoz, Complex and Fecal Face.

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