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Mon, Jan 21 - Mon, Jan 28
RUN #00395d
Ben Frost + Denial - Denialex-PM
Ben Frost + Denial

Location: Australia & Canada

16 x 24 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper

"This collaborative piece was created over a couple of days in November 2012 while Ben was visiting my studio in Windsor. Ben has recently been painting onto found pharmaceutical packaging and I have created fake packaging and products in my own work, and so we thought it would be a perfect marriage of our styles. I created the initial concept behind the 'product', a fake mind suppressant drug DENIALEX and we both worked on the composition, layout and details of the 'packaging'. The background of the original piece is all spray paint on wood that I cut and applied using about 12 stencils. Ben then hand painted the crying girl in the foreground. The original sold the day after we finished it to a collector in Vancouver, Canada." - Denial

"Suffice to say, if you look closely at the text on the packaging, there are a number of funny subversions that we included that you wouldn't ever see on pharmaceutical packaging." - Ben Frost

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Ben Frost + Denial
Denialex-PM - Hand-Embellished Prints
Ben Frost + Denial
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