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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Jul 13 - Mon, Jul 16
RUN #00104
David Foox - Constellation Rabbit
David Foox
Constellation Rabbit
Edition Size:   33
19x13 inches Silkscreen on 140lb French Paper
This Run is Sold Out
--Glow in the dark screen print! -- 33 prints, 33 magical symbols, infinite reality, infinite possibilities

Look up in the sky to the right of the California Nebula and there resides Perseus - the warrior of ancient Greece, charged with protecting Jupiter's children and decapitating Medusa!
In the Heart of Perseus beats 5 stars - and they are the CONSTELLATION RABBIT.

About the FOLLOW RAbit: The FOLLOW RAbbit is a bipedal (two-legged) character sporting a RAbbit head (and very tall thin ears). Seen in the streets of NY, LA, MIA, POR, DEN, and other major US Cities, the FOLLOW RAbbit is quite the frequent flyer. Representing a character out of the future or perhaps simply outside this timeline (4th, 5th dimensional beings), the FOLLOW RAbbit is sure to bring you some luck. Willed into existence through concentrated thought, the FOLLOW RAbbit just may save you in a pickle. FOLLOW RABBIT MESSAGE: "Focused thought is different from thinking. Thoughts are but an instant away from being real."

About this screen print:

Each print glows in the dark, and each symbol represents a finite intention, desire, and/or goal tending toward two positive aspects of humanity:
(1) Creative growth, and (2) creative expression.
Harmony over chaos and unity over polarity. Collectivism over individualism.

1/33 meaning/intention forgotten/undisclosed (possibly: "baller roof over my head")
2/33 meaning intention "master the material"
3/33 meaning intention "ever expanding knowledge and perception"
4/33 meaning intention "shelter in the storm"
5/33 meaning intention "fly private" (oooh baby)
6/33 meaning intention "greater knowledge and understanding"
7/33 meaning intention "roll with Jay-Z and Kanye West"
8/33 meaning intention "shelter all from the storm"
9/33 meaning intention "travel to the stars"
10/33 meaning intention "poison into nourishment"
11/33 meaning intention "we are truly free"
12/33 meaning intention "rise above my enemies"
13/33 meaning intention "protect my family"
14/33 meaning intention "CHARGE symbol of actor/playwright Christian Rizzuti"
15/33 meaning intention "foreign adventures"
16/33 meaning intention "uncover ancient artifact"
17/33 meaning intention "fluent in new language"
18/33 meaning intention "break through"
19/33 meaning intention "cosmic love"
20/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
21/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
22/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
23/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
24/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
25/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
26/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
27/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
28/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
29/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
30/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
31/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
32/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]
33/33 meaning intention [undisclosed/secret]

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About the Artist

Location: NYC

Artist and Lawyer, David Foox (FOOX), spends most of his time in the financial district of NYC (otherwise known as Wall Street). Occupying a studio with over 100,000 sq foot of space and views that include the Bull, the Protesters, Lady Liberty, and Governors Island, inspiration is just a glance out the window.

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