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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Jun 29 - Sat, Jun 30
RUN #00265aa
Bask - Because Art Should Kill Skulls
Because Art Should Kill Skulls
Part of One Night Stand Detroit   View Entire Series
Edition Size:   50
10 x 18 Hand Painted Multiples Aerosol on Wood
This Run is Sold Out

The last few just slipped out with a glitch, all of the giveaways are gone, thank you to BASK and everyone that stopped by today. It's way cool to give away free art!

On Saturday June 30th, 323East Gallery will host BASK's One Night Stand in Metro Detroit. To celebrate, on June 29th at 12 pm EST BASK has yet again made 50 original hand painted multiples that will be given away for FREE. That's right, FREE!

You read correctly, Friday June 29th at 12pm EST - BASK , 1xRUN and 323East Gallery will be giving away 40 original hand painted multiples! All you will pay is for shipping! At Noon EST we will drop the first batch at a random quantity and throughout the day we'll be dropping random quantities at random times. Follow us on Twitter or FB and sign up for the 1xRUN newsletter for Alerts to stay informed!

"Each 10"x 18" painting will be mailed unwrapped, directly from me. The wear of travel during transit, will be an intentional effect on each one of a kind piece." - BASK

This will also mark the debut of 1xRUN's very first hybrid exhibition opening where buyers can experience the art in person as well as from the comfort of their own home.

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BASK Brings His One Night Stand To Motown

One Night Stand with BASK – 1 NIGHT ONLY – This Saturday June 30th 5-11pm

Free Art Giveaway Online at & In Person At 323East + Detroit Beautification Project Mural and More…

It’s a little misleading to refer to a long-standing and mutually rewarding love affair between an artist and a city as ONE NIGHT STAND-DETROIT, but the visit BASK will soon be making to Metro-Detroit’s 323East Gallery is indeed equally constricted by time and filled with love.

The Czech-born artist – justly famed for his visually powerful and thematically rich “Thought Crimes” – is making the most of those evening hours. On June 30th he will arrive at the Royal Oak gallery, recently named Best Of Detroit, with a showcase of new works for public viewing.

This show will also feature, for the first time, an hybrid online and physical art opening from 5pm to 7pm – offering a rare opportunity for the same viewing public to purchase original pieces before many are made available as limited-edition offerings on 1xRUN, the gallery’s sister website for global art buyers.

At exactly 7pm on June 30th, all remaining pieces will be released on 1xRUN with local collectors having first chance to purchase a collection of BASK’s latest work from 5-7p.

Due to the limited time of this event, BASK would like everyone that purchased a work of art to pull it from the gallery walls and take it home the night of the show.

In addition to the exhibition BASK, 1xRUN, and 323East will kick off the event with Free Art Giveaways to fans and collectors in person and online. The last giveaway from BASK on 1xRUN caused a modest “Scenic Riot” and crashed the 1xRUN servers, thus building a great deal of anticipation for a subsequent exhibit.

In lieu of the fact that a series of street art pieces entitled Because Art Should Kill (released by BASK exclusively through 1xRUN) are intended for public domain and not for retail sale, BASK has decided to give them away oppposed to selling them as a commercial endeavor. The first chance to pick up a free work of art from BASK will be on 1xRUN starting at 12pm EST on Friday June 29th with only 40 pieces available.

On Saturday, June 30th from 5-7pm, everyone that attends the show will receive a raffle ticket with a hard cut off at precisely 7pm – the raffle for 10 unique pieces will then take place at 8pm at 323East.

If you expect to see imagery and messages indistinguishable from those rendered up by other artists working in street art, this particular exhibit of works from BASK will surprise you. He goes well beyond the predictable “agitprop” sensibility of his peers and as always finds uncanny and (for his targets anyway) uncomfortable degree of focus in his pieces. He is singularly aware of the most pernicious problem in our society today – a pervasive and self-perpetuating greed that lies beneath the seemingly mundane facade of our rapacious society. More than that, he is painfully aware that this avarice has all but replaced the discerning qualities that once marked us a democracy worth emulating.

The following week will see BASK remaining in Detroit to work on a large public mural for The Detroit Beautification Project. DBP is set this summer to create over 35 street and graffiti murals by such national and international names as ASKEW, SEVER, REVOK, RISK, Flying Fortress, Tristan Eaton, and Germany’s renowned Juke Box Cowboys. These expansive public arts projects are marked for over 20 locations in Royal Oak, Hamtramck, the Eastern Market, and throughout Detroit. BASK will lend his own signature style to the enterprise. His eyes are open – as is his mind, his heart, and his hands.

- 1xRUN

About the Artist

Location: Florida, USA

Bask is the moniker of one, Ales Bask Hostomsky, who along with his parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Florida and began to soak up America’s popular iconic imagery along with the sun.

Bask quickly began to notice similarities between the communistic iconic propaganda from his youth and the consumer advertising of his teens. He soon discovered that they were simply, two sides of the same coin. Each vying for our short-lived attention spans, all the while selling us (or telling us?) anything and everything from Marxism to McDonalds. Seeking conspiracies -and finding them embedded in the popular iconography of the mass media, Bask began painting bold, media critical broadsides to assuage his fear of being manipulated. A fear cultivated in a repressive regime, had now returned, but to the most unlikely and safest of places- The American living room.

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