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This Run is Sold Out
Fri, Sep 11 - Mon, Sep 14
RUN #00271em
Rime - Arrest Sheets - Felony Edition
Arrest Sheets - Felony Edition
Part of Weekend Archive Access   View Entire Series
Edition Size:   30
(5) 8 x 8 Inches Hand-Embellished Arrest Sheet Portfolios
This Run is Sold Out
This RUN contains:
- Individual Custom Hand-Embellishments + Drawings from RIME on various Arrest Sheet Prints + Folders throughout the set. Please note that each set will be unique and will vary slightly from the photos shown here. Each set will contain a minimum of 4 embellished pieces personally done by RIME.
- (5) 8 x 8 Inch Double-Sided Arrest Sheet Prints w/ Custom Embellishments by RIME
- (5) Antiqued Arrest Sheet Folders w/ Custom Embellishments by RIME
- (1) Arrest Sheet Fax Cover Sheet Signed by RIME & 1xRUN
- (1) Deluxe Highland Park Police Arrest Sheet Binder

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with an Arrest Sheet Certificate of Authenticity from Jersey Joe and 1xRUN.

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Rime Rewrites The Wrap Sheet

Felony Edition Sample Custom Hand-Embellishments by RIME

Felony Edition Sample Custom Hand-Embellishments by RIME

Felony Edition Sample Custom Hand-Embellishments by RIME

Felony Edition Sample Custom Hand-Embellishments by RIME

During his recent time spent here in Detroit, Rime was one of the many artists that took part in the massive 2012 Detroit Beautification Project that was fueled by various members of the Seventh Letter, MSK and their various prints sold through 1xRUN. In the summer of 2011 Rime found his way into the once vacant and now destroyed Highland Park Detroit Police Department’s facilities. When asked to do something unique for his 1xRUN Detroit Beautification release, Rime meticulously put together these one of a kind arrest sheet portfolios showcasing some of Detroit’s shiftiest criminals alongside his signature artwork. This set comes in 2 unique portfolios, the Felony Edition comes with custom hand-embellishments each individually drawn by Rime and the Misdemeanor Edition includes a smaller portfolio print set. You can only get them exclusively here at 1xRUN and once they are gone that’s it, so be sure to grab one while you can.

Felony Edition Sample Custom Hand-Embellishments by RIME

Felony Edition Sample Custom Hand-Embellishments by RIME

1xRUN Thru Interview
Arrest Sheets by RIME

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about these original pieces, what materials did you use to create them?
Rime:  The originals were created with marker, pen and gouache on paper.  One of the original pieces is for sale here on 1xRUN for $750.

1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution for these pieces came about.
Rime: I came across the Highland park arrest sheets in 2011, a year before the Detroit Beautification Project began. Revok had recently moved to Detroit and invited Roids and I out to make art for the 2011 Perseverance art show. While on that trip we came across the police station before it was torn down. Then the portfolio sets and sheets were finalized and everything was assembled and embellished over the past 2 months.

1xRun: How long did these pieces take from start to finish?    
Rime:  I usually work on 10 to 15 drawings at a time, kept in a stack. I would flip through and work on one until I hit a wall, then flip to the next and so on. With these it would take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks to complete one. 1xRun: Why should people buy these pieces?
Rime:  Because I like to draw on shit. Lately I have been drawn to drawing on lined or gridded surfaces.

1xRun: Describe these pieces in one gut reaction word.     
Rime:  Joseph.1xRun: When did you first start making art?  What was your first piece?
Rime:  I was first acknowledged for drawing at the age of Four.  The first thing I drew that somewhat resembled the reference was a marching band Mickey Mouse. I started writing graffiti in 1991 but did not attempt a piece until 1993. That fist piece said “Demos” (my younger brothers name). It was painted at night, in the alley behind a shopping center on Staten Island, New York. Every time a car came down the alley I would have to run and hide behind a fence.

1xRun: What artists inspired you early on? What artists inspire you now?  
Rime:  My influences early on came from Sunday newspaper color comic strips, coloring books, Garbage Pail Kids, and cartoons. As for current influences, it’s is any artist that gets personal in their work. Honesty, informality and cutting through the bullshit that buffers us all.1xRun: Do you listen to music while you work?
Rime:  I do listen to music and am known to have a very eclectic taste. I prefer good music which comes in all genres. Similar to good movies being so whether they are dramas, comedies, or action.  When I am out in the public drawing at a coffee shop or something; I bring an ipod but never listen to it. It’s only there for emergencies that include terrible setting music or annoying sounds around.  I usually end up eavesdropping on surrounding conversations, or taking in the environment. I can listen to my same 3,000 (or so) songs when I go home.
Sound Advice 136 by RIME – Click to Download1xRun: If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be and why?    
Rime:  I paint alone or with friends. I’m content with that program.

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any deceased artists who would it be and why?    
Rime:  I don’t care about this type of fantasy. I tried to think of something honest, off, or interesting. Nothing motivating comes to mind.   Maybe Abbott & Costello, I don’t know.1xRun: What was the first piece of art that you bought? Do you still have it?    
Rime:  I bought a Fate painting of a hairy balled rat hanging on a rope.

1xRun: What was the last piece of art that you bought?    
Rime:   I usually trade for art or end up with stuff. I am not really a collector of many things. I like kitchen fridge magnets and used hotel key cards.1xRun: What else have you been up to? What else do you have in the works?
Jersey Joe:   Living. Find out more at

1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Jersey Joe:  WebsiteFacebook – Instagram @jerseyjoeism & Twitter: @jerseyjoeism – Seventh Letter


About the Artist

Location: Worldwide

Born 1979 in Brooklyn, New York, Jersey Joe aka Rime spent his early years playing hide and seek with his brothers, getting in trouble, and learning about women from trash found Playboy magazines. The only artistic person in his family, Joe was influenced by the art from Garbage Pail Kid trading cards, Looney Tunes, and characters from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Baseball card collecting and bike rides up to the comic book store became a thing of the past once graffiti came into the picture. Joe began writing graffiti along his newspaper route in late 1991. Using the name "Rime", the initial interest soon lead to a full-on obsession that seemed full of possibilities.

After a few arrests as a juvenile in 1995, Rime ended up in New Jersey; a blank canvas filled with a labyrinth of virgin highway walls and trains. Thriving in his new state, Rime began to travel and paint other parts of the United States and Europe. Wanting more, Rime dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. With Los Angeles as his base, Rime continued to paint, exhibit, and teach graffiti to kids from inner city public schools. A habitual traveler, Joe has circled the globe several times over painting and exhibiting in dozens of cities. To Joe, not much is more satisfying than bumming it abroad with a wrinkly, stamp filled passport in your front pocket. Professional Joseph makes a living doing the same shit he does for pleasure. Staying active with work that is a true translation of his personality. Not really into dressed up formalities, Rime would say that you should already know or go figure it out for yourself.

Find out more @